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RTOG 0924

Androgen deprivation therapy and high dose radiotherapy with or without whole pelvic radiotherapy in unfavorable intermediate or favorable high-risk prostate cancer.


Cabazitaxel with Abiraterone versus Abiraterone alone Randomized Trial for Extensive Disease following Docetaxel: the CHAARTED2 Trial.

NRG GU 005

Phase III IGRT and SBRT Vs IGRT and Hypofractionated IMRT for Localized Intermediate Risk Prostate Cancer.

NRG GU 006

A Phase II, Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled Randomized Trial of Salvage Radiotherapy with or Without Enhanced Anti-Androgen Therapy with Apalutamide in Recurrent Prostate Cancer.

NRG GU 002

Phase II-III trial of adjuvant radiotherapy and androgen deprivation following radical prostatectomy with or without adjuvant docetaxel.


Phase III Randomized Trial of Standard Systemic Therapy (SST) Versus Standard Systemic Therapy Plus Definitive Treatment (Surgery or Radiation) of the Primary Tumor in Metastatic Prostate Cancer.