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Scott E. Delacroix Jr.

Scott E. Delacroix Jr. is a urologist specializing in urologic oncology, the treatment of cancers of the male and female genitourinary tracts including of the kidney, ureter, bladder, urethra, and penis.

Dr. Delacroix is a high-volume surgeon who is entrusted by patients and other physicians to help with difficult cancer problems in urology. He serves as the Director of Urologic Oncology at EJGH and at LSU. He has completed a fellowship in Urologic Cancer at MD Anderson in Houston.

He is a very active teacher, researcher, and physician. He has over 32 peer-reviewed journal articles, has treated numerous patients on clinical trials both investigator-lead and co-operative group trials, and has been invited to speak to groups of physicians in Louisiana, Texas, and beyond.

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