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Disclaimer: This website is only for the purpose of sending an inquiry about a clinical trial. Your contact information will be passed our clinical trial coordinators who will pass on your contact information to the physician’s office that is sponsoring the trial that you are interested in. Entry into any clinical trial is not guaranteed – reasons for this include but are not limited to the fact that you may not be eligible, the trial may be completed or closed, or the possible treatments may not be indicated or appropriate for you.

We will attempt to contact you via your inquiry within (5) five business days, however, we cannot guarantee that you will be contacted. Though we update this website several times a year, there may be clinical trials that are not on this list or trials on this list may have closed.

This website does not is not designed to give medical advice, and does not take the place of your physician. If you have an urgent medical matter, please contact your physician or call emergency medical services.

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